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Upcoming James Bond Film "No Time to Die" Premieres 1st Teaser Trailer

James Bond is back in the first teaser for the next 007 film, No Time to Die. ScreenCrush reports that the minute-long clip, which dropped on Sunday, is meant to whet fans' appetites for the movie's first full-length trailer, which will premiere this coming Wednesday. The outlet also notes that the teaser is "full of shots and scenes we’ve never seen before, including a killer motorcycle stunt." No Time to Die, which co-stars Rami Malek as the villain, is expected to be Daniel Craig's last appearance as 007. It will debut in theaters in April 2020. 


Gene Simmons Trashes Mick Jagger & Bono, Puts Ice Cubes in His Cereal

Gene Simmons slammed two of his fellow rock icons earlier this week when he claimed nobody else can front a tour like he can. While discussing KISS' End of the Road tour, Simmons recently told Metal Hammer Magazine, "I strongly feel we’re putting on the best tour ever and it’s fair to say we’re the hardest-working band in show business. We all love Mick Jagger and Bono, but if those guys wore my seven-inch dragon boots and 20 pounds of armor, they would pass out in half an hour.” Meanwhile, Simmons broke the internet on Thursday when he tweeted, "Anybody else put ice cubes in their cereal?" The question was accompanied by pics of Simmons in his bathrobe stirring two ice cubes into a bowl of cereal and milk. (Actually, two kinds of cereal: He mixed Oreo O's and some kind of frosted, shredded wheat.) As one fan replied, "Please pray for Gene Simmons." Meanwhile, Simmons' son Nick replied, "Thirty years watching him do this. This is my life."


John Lennon's Round Glasses Sell for $187K at Auction

A pair of green-tinted round sunglasses once worn by John Lennon sold for $187,000 last Friday at a Sotheby's auction in London, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The glasses had belonged to chauffeur Alan Herring, who found them in Ringo Starr's car in the summer of 1968. "I had picked John up with Ringo and George [Harrison] in Ringo's Mercedes and driven the boys into the office," Herring wrote. "When John got out of the car I noticed that he'd left these sunglasses on the back seat and one lens and one arm had become disconnected. I asked John if he'd like me to get them fixed for him. He told me not to worry — they were just for the look! He said he'd send out for some that fit. I never did get them mended I just kept them as they were as John had left them." The sale comes just a few days after the 39th anniversary of the late singer's death on December 8, 1980.